Sunday, April 14, 2019

Murder for a Dollar (April 14)

Hello, readers of mystery and thriller! Welcome to the second entry in the "Murder for a Dollar" blog series, where I share a list of a few books you can get RIGHT NOW for a dollar. (or a couple of dollars, but I will try to stick close to the $1 mark as close as possible).

Here are the ones I found for April 14th, 2019:

Slay in Character by Lynn Cahoon ($1.99)

I'm a huge fan of old westerns and ghost towns. I've visited my fair share, and I love a good mystery that takes us there. Slay in Character sees a writer's group heading for just such a place, where murder awaits them in a "historic" setting.

Wedding Day Murder by Leslie Meier ($0.99)

Once again, my favorite series always seems to have a few books on sale--and why not? It's a staple of murder mystery fiction that has a long history dating back to the nineties. 

Death by Tea by Alex Erickson ($0.99)

Proof that the cozy mystery genre isn't only limited to female writers. Alex Erickson's bookstore cafe series is phenomenal. I've loved every entry I've tried by him and can't wait to try this one. 

Killer Crust by Christ Cavender ($0.99)

Another male author. Who doesn't love pizza? I know I do. If you're in the mood for some delicious descriptions of one of America's favorite dishes--with a side of murder--look no farther than this series. And isn't that cover so cute?

X Marks the Scot by Kaitlyn Dennett ($0.99)

An old mansion? A treasure map? A hunt that leads to a dead body? That all sounds like a formula for a great murder mystery to me! 

Plain Dead by Emma Miller ($1.99)

The Amish subgenre of cozy mystery and romance novels has never been my cup of tea. However, this cover looks so appealing, maybe it is time to give it a try?

The Silver Gun by L.A. Chandlar ($1.99)

I love mysteries set during the first half of the 20th century. It was an interesting era both thanks to the two great wars and all the cultural happenings. I've not read any in this series, but it looks promising. Who doesn't love the thirties? 

Nipped in the Bud by Sheila Connolly ($0.99)

Finally, let's get down home with a really cozy feeling mystery. Something about farms, the country, orchards, all of it gives a sense of warmth. Somehow, a dead body only makes that better. This looks like a fun series!

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