Thursday, July 4, 2019

NEW 4th of July Murder Mystery Only 99 Cents!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and readers! In honor of this holiday weekend, my new book is only 99 cents! Also, if you purchase the paperback version, the Kindle e-book will be free! Happy Independence Day! Here is the blurb:

It’s going to be an explosive 4th of July for Detective Holiday. Detective Harrison Holiday has experienced a lifetime’s worth of violence and crime in his time on the force, and he’s had enough. Despite only being thirty, Harrison is retiring from police work to pursue his lifelong dream--of running a hot dog food truck. To say goodbye to his cop buddies, he’s having one last hurrah by participating in a theatrical reenactment of The Battle of Lexington at the city’s annual 4th of July celebration along the Missouri waterfront. Unfortunately, for a man like Holiday, murder has a habit of tracking him down--and when a local celebrity gets blown to kingdom come during the festivities, Harrison quickly finds himself dragged down into the crime-ridden world of murder once again.