Monday, January 14, 2019

Mini Macabre Review #11

Crypt TV's Shelley: Season 1

When you're looking for short, bite-sized horror movies (to get your fix when you don't have time for a full-length film), there may be no better place to look than Crypt TV.

Shelley is one of their ongoing shows that is part of the larger Crypt Monster Universe. They recently started posting season 2 episodes, so I decided it was time to look back at season 1.

Shelley isn't anything new as far as story ideas go. It fits comfortably into the teen slasher genre. Some person was wronged, hurt, or killed in high school and returns during the class reunion for revenge. It is one of my favorite tropes of the genre, but Shelley manages to actually make the leap into the supernatural where many of the traditional slashers of the 80s and 90s didn't bother.

While a few of the blood splatters in the show do take on a CGI appearance once in a while, the overall production and special effects seem to be spot on for the genre. In each episode, we get one new revenge kill from the undead Shelley herself. The use of a bladed hockey stick is creative and fun.

Basically, if you enjoy traditional slashers, supernatural killers, or teen screams, you'll likely enjoy this offering. It may be one of Crypt TVs best productions yet, and the new season appears to offer plenty more lore and supernatural elements to keep people watching. 

Check out episode 1 below.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mini Macabre Review #10

The Faculty

What if John Carpenter's THE THING paid a visit to a midwestern high school? If it did, you would get The Faculty.

Despite some relatively dated and goofy looking CGI work, The Faculty is one cult classic film that is definitely worth the watch. It is a bit in the vein of Scream but with 1950s style aliens instead of a killer. You have all the stereotypical high school tropes including the goth, jock, cheerleader, geek, etc. All are acted well be some big name actors from the time. In addition to the CGI, there are also some excellent practical creature feature effects for the alien queen. Overall, a fun and goofy sci-fi horror romp.

I'm a huge fan of "Teen Scream" horror and this movie is no exception.